Our Careers

In a changing world, we are looking for people who can help us change it for the better.

We spend most of our waking adult life at work. That’s why we think it is important to be working on engaging projects, and with people that respect you for who you are.

Hence as part of our commitment to staff we have:
- Flexible working, hybrid (within the UK) where possible.
- Professional financial advice to ensure you have a pension scheme that’s right for your lifestyle.
- A company culture that values work-life balance.
- Recognises the benefit of continual learning and development.
- A proper bonus and great pay.
- Values curiosity and good natured humour.
- Supports staff wanting to engage in local community projects.

See the below section for live vacancies or please get in touch to find out what we are looking to offer in the near future.

Delivery Manager

Successful Delivery is the key to most organisations succeeding, join our highly rated delivery team today!

Software Development

Looking to join a team and make a difference with Software Engineering Skills?

IA & IASM Consultants

Information Assurance is a complex and challenging environment, keeping critical IT infrastructure, data, systems and communications safe and secure against a variety of threats.

Cloud Consulting

Cloud consulting and delivery required across a high end client.

Current Vacancies

Cyber Security and Information Assurance Consultant

Due to continual growth we are looking for an enthusiastic and experienced Cyber Security and Information Assurance Consultant with the passion to want to continue to learn, grow and advance in an innovative culture. The position would suit an outgoing and friendly personality with strong communication and organisational skills.

Technical Author

We are currently in search of a skilled Tech Author to join our dynamic team as a significant contributor. Your central role will involve bridging the gap between intricate technical concepts and the everyday reader. The position would suit an outgoing and friendly personality with strong communication and organisational skills with and analytical mind and an inquisitive nature.

Scrum Master

Join our team as a Scrum Master and help drive agile methodology to new heights. Your expertise in Scrum practices will be pivotal in fostering collaboration, streamlining workflows, and ensuring successful project deliveries. As a Scrum Master, you'll facilitate communication, resolve conflict and issues, and empower our teams to excel in a dynamic tech environment.

Software Developer

We are looking for an experienced developer with and in depth knowledge of Java, Python, C++ or C# with proven experience in object-oriented design, problem-solving, testing, and collaboration. This combination of skills will enable you to contribute effectively to projects and bring value to the team. We're seeking an accomplished professional to join our team and contribute your expertise to our innovative projects.

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