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We know you want value for money, exceptional service, multi-skilled offerings and that is exactly what we deliver at NTC.

Software Solutions

Off-the-shelf applications don’t always save you time, effort, or aren’t sufficiently secure. Our team works with you to build a custom solution to allow your staff to work seamlessly, collaboratively, and securely to suit your business needs.

Project Management

Gone are the days where a requirement is set in stone from day one. We work in an agile and collaborative way to manage the most difficult delivery challenges to ensure your business succeeds. Delivering the solution you need, when you want it.

Service Management

It’s tough understanding all your products, processes and projects. Our Lifecycle Management Services will help you manage these from inception, to sustainment, through to replacement or end of life. Why not let us help you deliver that seamless service that matters to your customers.

Systems Engineering

We will be able to help your business design, integrate, and manage your complex systems over their life cycles. Providing you with that insight you need to run your business effectively.

Cloud Computing

Business is increasingly cloud based, with (amongst others) added security considerations. We deliver a range of cloud services and solutions that can help your business streamline operations, tackle complex challenges, maximise your IT budget and gain that competitive edge.

Cyber Security

If there’s one thing giving your CISO sleepless nights it’s Cyber Security. We have access to some of the best Cyber Security and Information Assurance (CS&IA) Professionals around, helping your business to make informed decisions on securing your key business value, be that data or assets.

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We are Cyber Essentials certified, meaning you can be confident we are protected against the vast majority of common cyber attacks. Learn more about Cyber Essentials here.